Independent Living Homes & Communities for Seniors

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Independent living homes and senior care services for elders with disabilities has grown over the years with those opting for continuum care before needing to enter into an assisted living home, if need be. Families and seniors will often opt for an independent living home so the senior can defer various daily burdens and complex daily activities without having to give up their freedoms, favorite activities or routines.

At OpenPlacement, our independent living specialists strive to help seniors and families make informed decisions when searching for affordable independent living facilities and services throughout the United States. We list information on thousands of state-licensed independent living facilities that are located throughout the United States on our website.

Our team strives to provide you as much useful information as possible to help you decide if an independent living facility is a good option for you or a loved one, and to make sure you choose the best independent living home for your unique senior care needs.

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