Making Patient Care
Transitions Better

OpenPlacement creates software that engages patients and care providers in the care transition process, saving hospitals time and improving patient outcomes.


Who We Help

Health Systems, Patients and Care Providers all benefit when OpenPlacement is at the center of care transitions.

Health Systems

  • Engage patients and families in the care transition process.
  • Comply with CMS regulations.
  • Automated EHR documentation.
  • Save your Case Manager's time.

Post-Acute Care

  • Highlight your services and differentiate your business.
  • Share your provider information with patients and families at the time they are making a decision.
  • Grow your business.

Patients and Families

  • Review rich information about all available post-acute care providers.
  • Engage your family members during the care transition.
  • Make an informed decision about your next level of care.
Our Technology

Care Transition Solutions

Learn more about how our technology can help streamline your care transitions.

Patient Choice

Engage patients and families in the care transition process and guide them to making informed decisions about their post-acute care.

Family Choice

Automatically loop family members into the process and notify them about the patient's post-acute care needs and progress.

Documents & Signatures

Deliver important documents for review and signing via our e-signature application.

Documents can be reviewed, signed and stored in the EHR electronically.

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