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Care homes, also known as adult family homes, board and care homes, residential care, or personal care homes can offer small groups of seniors a number of personal care services and in a family like setting. These residential care homes provide seniors with quality lodging, meal services and around-the-clock assistance with their daily living activities. They typically do not have a medical professional on-site, yet limited part-time medical care is offered for those in need, but it's not usually a primary focus for this type of senior living home.

Care home residences are typically located in traditional homes and neighborhoods and provide care for fewer patients than you would see in an assisted living community. Most often, care homes will have services for up to 10 people, which helps offer the senior residents a more personalized and homely senior living situation.

At OpenPlacement, our care home placement specialists strive to help seniors and families make informed decisions when searching for affordable care homes in the United States. We list information on thousands of care homes that are located on our website. Our team strives to provide you with as much useful information as possible to help you find and compare care homes, so you can decide which care home is best for you or a loved one to receive compassionate care, personal attention, and professional senior care services.

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To all case managers, discharge planners, nurses, etc. .....I have a small 7 bed home in Pok County TN in Turtletown, TN. I have vacancy for a male or female residents. I accept Medicaid, and Private pay. I will work with low income individuals if they are homeless, have no family and need a place to live. Please contact me if you know of anyone needing a home to live in while they age gracefully in place. I may be reached at 423-496-5010 thank you

I have a small assisted living home for the aging population in Turtletown TN. I am seeking placement for residents needing care. We have all around care with awake staff on premises, we provide 3 m…

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