Elderly Care Services Available for Seniors in the U.S.

Find the best elderly care services for your unique senior care needs today!

Elderly care services help fulfill the special needs and requirements that are unique for senior citizens and encompass senior care services such as assisted living, adult day care, long term care, nursing homes, hospice care, or in home care.

Elderly care puts emphasis on the social and personal requirements of elders who need assistance with various daily activities and health care, but who commonly desire to age with dignity. Most elders in the United States prefer to continue living at home and receiving in home care, however the majority of elders will gradually lose functioning ability and will be required to move into an elderly care home, so they can receive around-the-clock assistance from caregivers with everyday activities and tasks.

For the elders that wish to remain in their homes longer and receive in home care by skilled caregivers, they can opt for respite care, which allows caregivers the opportunity to go on vacation, business trips, or other commitments and know that their elder will receive quality care.

Family is often the most important care providers for the elderly, however the assistance of skilled caregivers and home health aides is often suggested to help aide families and their elders during their time of care.

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LOS ANGELES, CA (Nov. 8, 2017) — SONIFI Health and OpenPlacement announced their partnership to make care transition easier for SONIFI Health customers using OpenPlacement’s Patient Choice platform. This partnership connects patients and care providers with the information they need to simplify the care transition process for all.…


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I have a 17 unit assisted Living community in the resort city of Gyula, in the country of Hungary One unit became available!

I have a 17 unit assisted Living community in the resort city of Gyula, in the country of Hungary. Our fee's are very affordable since the dollar is very strong, our monthly self pay fee if 24 hr care…

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To all case managers, discharge planners, nurses, etc. .....I have a small 7 bed home in Pok County TN in Turtletown, TN. I have vacancy for a male or female residents. I accept Medicaid, and Private pay. I will work with low income individuals if they are homeless, have no family and need a place to live. Please contact me if you know of anyone needing a home to live in while they age gracefully in place. I may be reached at 423-496-5010 thank you

I have a small assisted living home for the aging population in Turtletown TN. I am seeking placement for residents needing care. We have all around care with awake staff on premises, we provide 3 m…

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Need a Bd and Care near /in Fremont with highly personalized care

I am managing the care of a 69 year old male with advancing vascular dementia and the family would like to place him in a place where he could receive 1-1 from an A+ Bd and Care. Cost is not the decid…

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