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To all case managers, discharge planners, nurses, etc. …..I have a small 7 bed home in Pok County TN in Turtletown, TN. I have vacancy for a male or female residents. I accept Medicaid, and Private pay. I will work with low income individuals if they are homeless, have no family and need a place to live. Please contact me if you know of anyone needing a home to live in while they age gracefully in place. I may be reached at 423-496-5010 thank you

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I have a small assisted living home for the aging population in Turtletown TN. I am seeking placement for residents needing care. We have all around care with awake staff on premises, we provide 3 meals per day, laundry, housekeeping, medication monitoring, RN on Contract, transportation, socialization, life enrichment activities, religious services, and brain skills to keep the mine active. We have a full beauty salon for men and women on premises.

I have availability for male and female residents. We encourage the residents to decorate their own rooms to make their living quarters their own. We are seeking licensing with the state of TN. We are registered with the State of TN and licensed in Polk County TN. We are pending certification and licensing as a Medicaid Provider. We accept all income levels.

Hospice Questions

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Interested in some feedback….

1. For those who provide inpatient hospice care, but do not have a dedicated hospice unit within the hospital, do you discharge the patient from inpatient to hospice care?
2. Do you consider this a hospital readmission if a separate hospice provider number is not available?

Thanks in advance!

Hospice Status and Inpatient Status Scenario

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An 84 year old patient is on hospice at home for end-stage dementia. She develops aspiration and for an uncertain reason is brought to the hospital by EMS, where she is subsequently admitted with aspiration pneumonia (confirmed infiltrate on CXR). She is treated with IV antibiotics for 2 days and is discharged back home on hospice.

The patient’s insurance carrier, a Medicare managed care, says that the patient’s inpatient stay is not covered and gets billed to hospice. Is this true? The reason they give is that they are not required to cover the patient again until the first of the month. I have never heard of this.

Can anyone provide any insight or regulatory guidance into the scenario I have described above?

Admitted Patient

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What would you do? A patient admitted for symptom management under Hospice GIP is in the hospital for several days, then decides to revoke hospice benefits….. Doesn’t meet IP criteria under Medicare for pain management….. Would you change from Hospice GIP to Medicare Observation? Give a pre-admission HINN? Any thoughts?

Transfer Center – Doctor to Doctor

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I have questions regarding transfer center acceptance of hospice patients from outpatient to inpatient. We have hospice nurses in the field who want to admit patients to inpatient for pain management. They want to call to our transfer center, without contacting the physician- speak with the hospitalist at night as a direct admit.

Questions- Are there compliance rules regarding this? Is this outside of nursing scope of practice? Are there Medicare rules regarding physician to physician decisions to admit- Dr to Dr handoff?

Emergency department case management and staffing

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Would anyone be willing to share how they are effectively handling crisis counseling, recidivism and hospice referrals in their ED? We are currently using licensed counselors, case managers & SW’s as needed and are re-looking at our model.

Thanks for your help!

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