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To all case managers, discharge planners, nurses, etc. …..I have a small 7 bed home in Pok County TN in Turtletown, TN. I have vacancy for a male or female residents. I accept Medicaid, and Private pay. I will work with low income individuals if they are homeless, have no family and need a place to live. Please contact me if you know of anyone needing a home to live in while they age gracefully in place. I may be reached at 423-496-5010 thank you

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I have a small assisted living home for the aging population in Turtletown TN. I am seeking placement for residents needing care. We have all around care with awake staff on premises, we provide 3 meals per day, laundry, housekeeping, medication monitoring, RN on Contract, transportation, socialization, life enrichment activities, religious services, and brain skills to keep the mine active. We have a full beauty salon for men and women on premises.

I have availability for male and female residents. We encourage the residents to decorate their own rooms to make their living quarters their own. We are seeking licensing with the state of TN. We are registered with the State of TN and licensed in Polk County TN. We are pending certification and licensing as a Medicaid Provider. We accept all income levels.

Need a Bd and Care near /in Fremont with highly personalized care

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I am managing the care of a 69 year old male with advancing vascular dementia and the family would like to place him in a place where he could receive 1-1 from an A+ Bd and Care. Cost is not the deciding point. Quality of care is.
Please email me directly. Thank you so much. Emily White, LMSW, CMC

Transitional Case Manager Role

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We are expanding our case management department to incorporate transitional case managers – to collaborate with physician offices, SNF’s, Assisted Living facilities in our community, with the goal of preventing re-admissions within 30 days of discharge. We are also looking at ways to decrease use of our E.D. as a source of “primary care” for those in the community without primary care physicians.
Please let me know if you have any experience with this aspect of case management, including your policy and procedures, etc.
Thank you very much.

U.R. Plan Requirements

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May I ask how others have addressed the Medicare CoP requirement for
“medical necessity of professional services furnished, including drugs
and biologicals” in your U.R. plans? Have you made this a separate
component of medical necessity reviews? Are you working with Pharmacy
and Therapeutics Committees to obtain info?

Would appreciate hearing how others have covered this in their plans.

Many thanks,

Social Worker’s Taking Orders

asked April 22, 2014 | 0 followers | follow | 2 answers

Our Social Workers are our case managers/discharge planners. We recently implemented CPOE. As part of the implementation the question of Social Workers being able to take telephone/verbal orders was raised as this is something they had not done in the past. Does anyone else have provision for Social Workers to take orders and input them into the computer? If so, what types of orders fall into “scope of practice”? What type of training did Social Workers need on taking orders to be successful? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Where are acute reb facilities at San Mateo, cA

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Listing of acute reb facilities in San Mateo, CA

Discharge for patients needing IV meds

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We currently have several Patients at our Facility who are known IV Drug Users. They need to have about 6 weeks of IV antibiotics for endocarditis etc. The local SNF’s will not accept them because of their history. They have concerns about their liability of taking these Patient’s with an IV access. (What if a visitor brings in street drugs and something happens… get the picture.) I am also informed that the Pharmacies won’t supply the IV Meds for these Patients so they can get the meds at home. The Home Health Agencies are reluctant to take these Patient’s on as well….(liability). What is our Hospital’s liability if we send a known IV Drug User home with an IV Access? We are looking into the possibility of using our infusion center for the Patient to receive their IV antibiotic, yet the Patient would need to have the IV access restarted each time. Some Patients are receiving their antibiotic several times a day. Many times these Patients remain at our Facility until their treatment is completed….not the best plan! Many of these Patients have no Insurance or have Medical Assistance.
We are interested in hearing how others are managing the discharges on similar cases. Thank You!

Calling in reviews

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Is anyone still calling in reviews to insurance companies or are you doing it all via fax/computer? We are still spending 8 hours per day doing call-ins. We’re a 300 bed hospital and I’ve got to believe there is a better way.


ED Care Management

asked July 23, 2014 | 0 followers | follow | 1 answers

Good afternoon,
Wondering if anyone has a combined role for an ED care manager that also does bed management? If so do you have a job description that you are willing to share.

Care Transitions Project

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Good morning all,
My organization has recently completed a 3 year Care Transitions project with our QIO. This involved the 9th scope of work by CMS. The overall goal of this project was to reduce hospital readmissions by 2%. We partnered with community facilities and organizations and built a collaborative coaching program with are AAA.
The initial part of his project has been completed. Subsequently, we are now in the process of developing a sustainability plan that will continue to target reducing readmissions by continuing to work with established community partners. As we all know reducing readmissions will continue to be the hot topic for CMS with significant $$ at risk. Under the new CMS mandate, improved post hospital care for Medicare eligible patients,acute care hospitals are expected to provide enough follow up to lower the likelihood of readmissions.
As stated above, our organization has just completed a 3 year Care Transitions project and now moving forward with a sustainability plan. My plan is to continue to work with established community partners but want to move beyond just meeting and discussing readmissions so that we can be more effective in preventing readmissions.
Having said that, I am sending this inquiry to my colleagues- have any of you been involved in developing collaborative relationships with post acute community providers? If so, would you be willing to share your “story”, the barriers and successes you have experienced. What strategies have you developed and degree of efficacy of the strategies you developed?
Thank You,

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