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OPFollow Friday These Healthcare Giants on Twitter Gabby Mujal

July 19th, 2013


This week we continue our segment of #OPFollowFriday (that is “OpenPlacement FollowFriday”), Healthcare Giants on Twitter. These twitter accounts are geriatric professionals who have done a fantastic job of tracking and announcing breaking news in areas of healthcare innovation, caring for the aging population, and peer support. We are happy to recognize them and other like-minded twitter accounts. If we missed out on any influential leaders or you think you might be a healthcare sleeping giant, let us know in the comments or tweet us @OpenPlacement. Accounts will be reviewed and vetted for appropriate content and stay tuned for future #OPFollowFriday’s.

On Twitter we have created a community that is sustained through the meeting of the minds on our other social media channels including our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Help support us and these individuals in our unified goal of educating and informing the public on topics related to care transitions, Diabetes, senior care, hospice, palliative care, aging and health technology to just name a few.

Follow these exciting leaders to keep up-to-date and stay informed of healthcare changes on the horizon.


Happy Friday!

Reem A A
Lisa Marie Blaskie
Empowering Patients
Mark Lachs M.D.
paul tatum
Jennie Chin Hansen
Mark Zilberman, LCSW
Connie Davis
Shelley Webb
Diane Wachowski
David Fisher M.D.

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