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Making Household Adjustments for the Aging Spine (Guest Post) Catherine Reeson

May 12th, 2015

Aging Spine It’s no secret that as we age, our spine along with other body parts let us know that things have changed. Changes to our spine as we get older can result in discomfort, pain or additional complications. In order to accommodate these changes, you may want to make some adjustments to your household to provide comfort and relief from pain from an aging spine.

Exercise or Physical Therapy

Even if your aging spine is causing you discomfort or limited mobility, it’s important to participate in some type of exercise to prevent further damage or discomfort. You will want to check with your doctor to ensure that the activities you plan on participating in are safe for your condition.

Your doctor may recommend some form of physical therapy and you may be able to do some of these activities in the comfort of your home. You can make extra space to perform stretching exercises or yoga. You may also want to create extra space if you purchase exercise equipment such as a treadmill or other type of equipment approved by your doctor.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be a great way to relief pain or discomfort from an aging spine. It’s also a great option for those who have adverse reactions to pain medications or who prefer a more naturalistic approach to pain relief.

It may not be practical to hire or visit a massage therapist but there are other options available. One adjustment you can make to your home is with a walk-in tub or hydrotherapy shower. Both of these devices can provide a relaxing and comfortable way to bathe in addition to their massaging jets.

Walk-in tubs and hydrotherapy showers offer adjustable relief from spine discomfort. Both give you the opportunity to sit comfortable while the jets massage the spine or other sore areas. While this is a considerable adjustment, it may be worth it for the long-term benefits it will provide.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is also a great way to provide relief to an aging spine without having to resort to surgery or pain medications. In addition to massage therapy, installing a walk-in tub or hydrotherapy shower can provide heat therapy as well.

While it may be inexpensive or more convenient to use a heating pad, it may not provide the long-lasting relief you require. This could lead to more harmful alternatives like pain medications or surgery. Using these pain relief options can lead to dangerous side effects or additional injuries.

Changes to Furniture or Sleep Options

If you are unable to make major changes or adjustments to your bathroom due to cost or other limitations, you may want to consider making changes to furniture or bedding. This may be a more cost-effective approach that will still provide relief for those suffering from an aging spine.

One household adjustment can be the addition of a sleep chair. Sleep chairs provide a high level of flexibility to those suffering from any type of joint or muscle pain. They usually offer heat and massage therapy options and give the user a higher level of mobility.

Most sleep chairs also offer options where the user can sit in a variety of positions for maximum comfort and provide relief from any strain on the spine. Users can even lay flat and some sleep chairs also assist in lifting the user into a standing position.

Another household adjustment that can be added would be a stair lift. These allow the user to be transported from one level of the house to another without impacting knees, which could result in a weaker spine. Adjustable beds are also worth considering. They allow the user to sleep or sit up while providing relief from pain or discomfort associated with the spine. Some may also provide heat or massage therapy for additional comfort.

Any of these household adjustments are a great option for those experiencing pain or discomfort from an aging spine. Many people prefer these options, as they are a great alternative to more serious options like surgery. They also help you to avoid the dangerous side effects and complications resulting from prescription pain medications.

Making adjustments to your household can offer you relief from spinal pain and may help to prevent further damage. Talk with your doctor about what options are best for your condition prior to making any changes. One or a combination of these adjustments could be just the right solution to provide relief.

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