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Video Marketing is Crucial for Nursing Homes

VideoMarketingAccording to Ragan’s Healthcare Communication News, a 2012 study conducted by the Roberts Group indicated that newspaper ads, household mailings and radio commercials were the top three types of marketing material that influence the decision about whether to consider visiting a particular assisted living or skilled nursing facility. However, while these types of advertising are somewhat effective, the biggest things that influence the choice of care facility are the cleanliness of the facility and the attentiveness of the staff, none of which can be effectively conveyed in a stationary ad.

Nursing homes and care facilities who are able to paint a picture of what life will be like in their facility are at a major advantage in getting potential residents to come in the door in order to seal the deal.  A video is one of the best marketing tools for this since you can show your facility (and its cleanliness) and you can feature nursing home residents and staff members who will help to convince perspective residents to come in.  Videos also provide a glimpse into a nursing home for those who may have limited mobility and who may be looking to maximize the information they can obtain without leaving their homes.

Why Video Marketing Can Help Your Care Facility

Video marketing provides an exciting way to connect to customers that is made possible by the Internet. It is a fast-growing marketing sector and the data shows that online video marketing can reach many eyes. For example:

  • Each month, YouTube has more than 800 million unique visitors.

  • A company or website is 53 times as likely to be on the front page of Google when someone searches for a particular keyword if there is video on the webpage.

  • Online videos can receive a response rate 10 times greater than graphics or text ads.

  • When video is embedded in email newsletters, click-through rates (those clicking on an email link to visit the website) go up by 96 percent.

Nursing homes and skilled care facilities can leverage this fast-growing market. Many of those who need to go into assisted living or nursing home facilities have limited mobility and making it possible for them to see and learn about a facility through a video can be a major benefit that helps the nursing home to stand apart from others.

The Success of Video Marketing

When companies have embraced video marketing as a means of connecting with nursing home or assisted living patients, the efforts tend to be very successful. As PR Web reported, one premier provider of healthcare services and long-term care services turned to video marketing in order to try to improve their census numbers.

The campaign was a successful one, with census numbers dramatically increasing. Not only that, but the provider found that people were viewing the videos from out-of-state and contacting the care facility.

Often, elders who become ill or incapacitated will need to move to a different state after they require adaptive care so they can be nearer to children or other caregivers.  Making it possible for these out-of-state residents to see the videos will provide a broader potential group of clients for the facility.

To make your video marketing a success, however, you will need to make sure you have a professional quality video that showcases what your care facility will have to offer. The video should aim to express families; hospital professionals who arrange care for patients leaving the hospital; and the senior who will be moving into the assisted care environment.

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