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The Nursing Home Checklist

We would like to make all our readers and members of the OpenCommunity aware of the nursing home checklist provided by We strongly recommend that you print this out and take a copy of this checklist to each nursing home you visit. This serves as a reminder for the important questions to ask regarding resident life, nursing home living spaces, staff, residents’ rooms, hallways, stairs, lounges, bathrooms, menus and food, activities, safety, and care. It is also a good resource to take notes on so that you can quickly reference all the critical information.

The last page of the checklist also encourages you to ask a member of the resident council if you can attend a resident council or family council meeting. These councils are usually organized and managed by residents or the residents’ families to address concerns and improve the quality of care and life for the resident. provides seven important questions to ask and take notes on if you are able to go to a meeting.’s final reminder is to always give each nursing home a second view. It then goes on to give a few very helpful pointers on your next visit. For example, visit a different day at a different time because staffing can change.  Be sure to check this great free resource out and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below!

The Nursing Home Checklist:

The Nursing Home Checklist The Nursing Home ChecklistThe Nursing Home Checklist

The Nursing Home ChecklistThe Nursing Home ChecklistThe Nursing Home Checklist The Nursing Home Checklist

View the full PDF version and print out your very own checklist right now.

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