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How Senior Citizens Can Stay Healthy During the Summer (Guest Post)

Dance exercise group of senior women at beachAs we grow older, our bodies become more sensitive to environmental changes because our defenses are not as strong as they used to be when we were young. During the summertime especially, it is even easier for the heat and long days to take a toll on our physical and emotional health.

To stay healthy and safe in the midst of summer time fun, keep these tips in mind:

Hydration and Exercise

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated – water makes up as much as 75% of your body, meaning that when you are dehydrated, your vital organs will suffer.

Along with keeping hydrated, use a cooling vaporizer to help with the summer heat – it can help with your body’s temperature control by absorbing water via the skin and lungs to properly moisturize the skin and allow the respiratory system to function efficiently. It can also improve the quality of air in your home.

While is it important to go outdoors to get some fresh air, avoid going out during the hottest times of the day – if possible, be outdoors before 10am and after 5pm, when the sun is not at its highest.

Take care of your skin when you go outdoors. Use SPF to protect all exposed areas of your skin, especially areas that can sometimes be forgotten, including the ears, back of the neck, feet and lips. Wear breathable, but long-sleeved protective clothing. Moreover, wear a hat or use a parasol to protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays.

Stay Mentally Active

Along with exercising your body, you should also exercise your mind by reading, writing or playing stimulating games. To keep your mind active, it is important to play games that will  stimulate your critical thinking and comprehension skills, such as Sudoku, chess, solitaire, etc.

Always be open to meeting people and learning new things. It is never too late to learn a hobby or make a new friend.

Stay Up to Date with Your Health

Being healthy also involves getting a regular checkup with your healthcare provider, who will examine the health of your eyes, ears, teeth and mental well-being. You will also want to get any necessary vaccines to make sure your immune system is in tip-top shape.

It is important that your physical and mental senses are in order for your safety. If you are feeling something irregular or uncomfortable with your body, talk to a healthcare provider about your concerns. It is better safe than sorry.

If needed, it is okay and encouraged to seek the help of a professional counselor, someone you can talk to to let your feelings and thoughts out.

Stay Sharp

What’s more, it is inevitable that, as one ages, one’s reflexes are not as quick as when s/he was younger, especially when it comes to your safety while driving. If you notice that your reaction time and alertness is less keen than before, you might want to reconsider your transportation options.

Summertime is all about the beach, and if you have an opportunity to go, take advantage of the health benefits of walking on sand – the uneven ground can make for a great, yet soft-cushioned workout. What’s more, the scenic view of the ocean can easily liven your spirits.

If you are a fan of dancing or have always wanted to learn, ballroom dancing or dancing in general is another great summertime activity for senior citizens. You can reminisce with songs that are classic favorites, socialize with groovy-minded folks, keep your mind active by learning the dance steps and keep your body active too!

In general, on days when it is too hot to go outdoors, dancing and listening to music are both great ways to keep your energy levels up and your mind in a positive state.

Overall, it is important to look out for your physical and emotional wellbeing. Surround yourself with a supportive system made up of family, friends, prayer and/or positive thoughts. Last but not least, enjoy your life as much as possible. Laugh and smile often to stay healthy!

About the Author

Marcela De Vivo is a health writer for Presidio Home Care, a mother of three and yoga enthusiast. She keeps her mind and body healthy with regular Flow yoga, meditation and a healthy diet. Follow her on Twitter today!