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Health Care Reform has More Negatives than Positives

ObamacareMany have their opinions regarding health care reform in the United States, officially called the Affordable Care Act, and unofficially called Obamacare. There are some enthusiastic supporters of the bill, but many are not pleased with the passage of the legislation and its intended (or unintended) consequences.  A look at the positives and negatives can uncover why so many seem disenchanted with this reform.

First, the top two reasons why the Affordable Healthcare Act is made out to be good, and why they are fallacies:

The Affordable Care Act states that states will receive more funds from the federal government in order to add more low income individuals to Medicaid.

Again this seems like a positive, yet the truth remains that that many doctors do not accept Medicaid. The constraints of the program are difficult for doctors to manage and often doctors wind up not getting paid for services because of the program. So, it does not do a lot of people much good to have Medicaid if they still struggle to find doctors who will accept it.

Additionally, there are a variety of other negatives about the Affordable Healthcare Act:

  • Half of those on Medicare Advantage will lose coverage as a result of rate increases

  • Health care costs will increase exponentially as a result of massive taxes on drug companies and those who manufacture medical devices

  • Excruciatingly high penalties and taxes will hurt small businesses, thereby hurting the economy

  • Many doctors are possibly not going to accept any government sponsored health plan

  • With a tremendous influx of previously uninsured Americans into the system the time to see a specialist or primary care physician could increase dramatically

  • In addition to aforementioned taxes, fees, and penalties, those who do not get what the government mandates as minimal coverage are also taxed

While there are some positives such as the removal of pre-existing conditions clauses and the creation of insurance exchanges which will improve accessibility to shopping for private health insurance, overall the Affordable Healthcare Act seems to have far more negatives than positives.