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Featured Events Brought to You by the AARP and Others

Authors of Waiting to Exhale, Sex and the City, and Joy Luck Club  at AARP Expo.  AARP is thrilled to have Terry McMillan, Candace Bushnell and Amy Tan on stage together at Life@50+ in Las Vegas.

Check out these other exciting aging-related events for health care providers and people age 50+:


May 30—June 1, 2013:         50+ National Event & Expo in Las Vegas

October 3—5, 2013:             50+ National Event & Expo in Atlanta

Other Great Events

April 8—11, 2013:                  20th Annual Southern California Case Management Conference

April 18—20, 2013:                The Alzheimer's Show

April 25, 2013:                         The Art of Aging Gracefully: Stay Vital Healthy and Fit

April 25—27, 2013:                Innovations & Investments in Healthcare

April 30, 2013:                         Virtual Dementia Tour

May 2—5, 2013:                      American Geriatrics Society 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting

May 5—7, 2013:                      American Telemedicine Association Meeting & Trade Show

June 21—26, 2013:               IAGG World Congress of Gerontology Geriatrics

June 28, 2013:                        10th Annual Northern California Chapter Case Management _Conference (register by June 7)_

About the Author

Ninette Tan is an RN with a BSN from Samuel Merritt University. She has two years of experience working on a Rehabilitation floor at an Acute Care Hospital with a focus on discharge planning and follow-up. She values bridging technology and healthcare to create a better discharge process. As a clinical intern, Ninette helps create content for the Open Placement blog and co-manages the social media networks.