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Choosing the Right Senior Living Retirement Community

Choosing the Right Senior Living Retirement CommunityCharles Dickens once said, “Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration.” Dorothy clicked her heels three times to return to it, some want it where the deer and the antelope play, and for others it is where their heart is. Home: something so dear, so simple, and yet so complex. Senior living retirement community sounds downright cold. How do you choose the right senior living retirement community?

Now while the word “home” hasn’t altered (including a place of rest, somewhere to store your memories, and a locale for social gatherings), the requirements have most definitely evolved over the years. Your lifestyle and physical, spiritual, and medical needs have changed as well as your finances and goals in life. Finding the perfect dwelling and community to accommodate these necessities takes some serious research and consideration. How do you find your new perfect home?

Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing the right senior living retirement community:

  1. Location - Is it located where I can easily visit friends and family and where they can conveniently spend time with me?

  2. Medical Status - What are my current medical needs? How do I see my health progressing in the next few years? Can I live independently or will I need minor assistance?

  3. Menu – Does the facility provide three meals a day? If I have special dietary needs, are they able to address them? Are the meals delicious, nutritious, and varied?

  4. Staff – Does the management carefully screen the staff? Are they caring, knowledgeable, and available? Is there a nurse on duty 24/7 in case an emergency arises?

  5. Activities – What activities are available? How often are social gatherings coordinated? Is my hobby on the list? Are these activities included in my monthly payment or do they cost an additional fee? Will my spiritual needs be met in the facility or is there a church/gathering place nearby?

  6. Transportation – Is transportation included? How often is it available? If not, how much do they charge or is there a place to store my vehicle near my apartment? Are there grocery stores, doctor’s offices, and activities close by?

  7. Atmosphere – When you enter the grounds is it clean, welcoming, and well designed? Does the staff greet you? Do the residents look happy? How many residents live in the community?

  8. Individual Units – Are they well maintained with fresh paint, clean floors, and without unpleasant smells? Is there enough room for storage? Are safety features available such as railings in the shower and wheelchair accessibility?

  9. Payment Options – What is included in the monthly fee? Do they accept Medicare? Is a deposit required? Is there a contract termination fee?

  10. Licensing – Are they certified by the state? Have any health violations been reported? What training does their staff have?

Whether you or a loved one is in search of the perfect senior living situation, you can find and compare multiple retirement communities on OpenPlacement today.