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The Affordable Care Act: What The ACA Means For American Seniors (INFOGRAPHIC)

We understand that navigating the new legislation of the Affordable Care Act (passed in 2010) can be a daunting and confusing process, especially for seniors. Since Medicare is not part of the Healthcare Marketplace established by the ACA, beneficiaries may be unsure of the status of their coverage. In this Infographic, we hope to shed light on some key aspects of what the ACA means for America’s seniors.

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Affordable Care Act Infographic

The Affordable Care Act: What The ACA Means For American Seniors 

  • Keep Your Coverage- Medicare is not part of the Marketplace established by the ACA. Thus, seniors maintain the same benefits under the ACA. Medicare parts A and C are sufficient for the mandated minimum essential coverage.

  • The Donut Hole- The donut hole is the current gap in prescription drug coverage. The ACA is slated to close the donut hole completely by 2020. In the interim, beneficiaries receive discounted brand name and generic drugs.

  • Preventative medicine: savings and better health- The ACA eliminates deductibles, co-payments, and other cot-sharing. Plus the ACA provides free annual checkups along with other preventative measures.

  • Justice- The ACA protects medicare's beneficiaries through the Elder Justice Act. This Act aids in preventing elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

  • Improvement- The ACA has improved nursing homes by creating a standardized complaint for use by residents, and requiring all clinical staff to undergo background checks to ensure patient safety.

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