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4 Reasons Why Healthcare Can’t Afford to be Antisocial

SocialMediaFrom Facebook to Twitter and Pinterest to LinkedIn, everyone is quite literally all atwitter about social media. Why? It is not just to learn about how to create a great tablescape for your next dinner party, or to see the pictures from last week's birthday party. It is, in fact, because these sites are the newest and greatest marketing tools and they are right at everyone's fingertips.

Those in healthcare and medicine have largely avoided social media. This is the greatest mistake any organization in any industry can make. Healthcare organizations should, and must, start using social media in order to become a part of the current conversations and to start new ones. Without a social media presence an organization may as well not exist. Those shunning social media as a marketing tool are missing out on the very best way to make their organizations well known and to create a positive online presence and public perception.

Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons why healthcare and medical companies and organizations need to stop being antisocial:

Who wants to be talked about behind their back?

If a company does happen to be well known already, then it is likely that it is being discussed on some social media outlet. Organizations need to be aware of the conversations being held about them so that they can either support the current perception, or find a way to positively change the conversation to improve public perception.

Everyone wants to be acknowledged

If an organization is not being talked about on any social media site? Then the the company may as well not exist. For most people, it doesn't. This is because so many people are entrenched in social media that if they are going to make a choice about a provider of some good or service, they are going to see what is being said about potential providers online. If a company has not been talked about, then the company has no chance of being chosen by potential consumers.

They have questions, you have answers

In today's fast-paced lifestyle people do not want to call organizations to get information or request to receive it via USPS. Instead, individuals want to be able to access information and get questions answered in real-time. Social media gives organizations the ability to do just that.

Educate – all the time

By using social media an organization has the capability to stay in the limelight as much as it wants and to constantly share information about the good work that is being done. For instance, tweeting about great things happening in your organization repeatedly reminds your followers that amazing things are happening at your organization and that they should be a part of it. Posting information on a Facebook page shows those who follow you on their news feed what is happening, and also gives the opportunity for people to post great reviews about  your organization. Word of mouth has always been the best way to get business. Now, it can happen online.

Using social media can make a huge impact on the success of your organization through changing and improving public perception. Why not use these free and easily accessible ways to market your products and your services?