Who can register for OpenPlacement?

OpenPlacement is built and designed for all those involved with care transition from Hospital and/or SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) to a multitude of potential care providers. Professionals involved with care transitions (such as discharge planners, case managers and social workers) at Hospitals and/or SNFs can use OpenPlacement to find care providers for their patients. Likewise, care providers (such as Independent & Assisted Living, Board and Care, Adult Day Services, Custodial Homecare, Home Health Care, RCFEs, DME, Transportation and more) can use OpenPlacement to find qualified patients in need of their services. Finally, and most importantly, OpenPlacement is designed to allow patients and their family to search for the right care when transitioning from a Hospital and/or SNF to the next level of care.

How does OpenPlacement benefit hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)?

For the first time ever, OpenPlacement helps discharge professional, case managers, social workers and all those involved with care coordination to match patients to post-acute care facilities in a timely and efficient manner. OpenPlacement benefits hospitals and SNFs by reducing length of stay (LOS), lowering readmissions, and increasing operational efficiency. At the same time, OpenPlacement encourages greater patient engagement in discharge planning, improving overall patient satisfaction with their hospital and/or SNF and post-acute care provider.

How does OpenPlacement benefit post-acute care providers?

OpenPlacement helps care providers increase occupancy and gain visibility with discharge professionals without raising marketing spend. We also increase the efficiency of the admission and screening processes.

How does OpenPlacement benefit patients and their family?

OpenPlacement offers a central and robust source of information on your continuing care needs (such as skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, independent living, board and care, hospice, homecare and much more). Our mission is to help you easily find the right post-hospital care that meets your exact needs. We know how frustrating, time consuming and downright confusing this process can be, so we want to make sure that you find a place that satisfies all your needs and preferences. OpenPlacement is here to help you find out what your options are based on your unique demands. OpenPlacement is designed to streamline the transition of care and for the first time ever, make it easy on you and your family!

How does OpenPlacement benefit discharge planners, case managers and social workers?

OpenPlacement wants to make your job easier! Our goal is to build tools that help you streamline the process of care coordination. Never rely on the phonebook, brochures, internet searches and those “Lists” to find care providers that meet your patients' needs.

Do you research every post-hospital care provider?

No, OpenPlacement does not research or provide any independent recommendations or reviews about care providers listed to its network. OpenPlacement provides as much information and transparency about care providers that it can based on publicly available data (such as Medicare.gov reviews) as well as community generated reviews and ratings.

How much does OpenPlacement cost?

OpenPlacement is absolutely free to use for patients and their family. For discharge professionals at Hospitals and SNFs looking to find care providers for their patients OpenPlacement is free as well. Care providers pay a monthly subscription to show information about their community and/or services as well as a referral fee.